27 examples of people trying and failing to come up with a solution to a problem

We've all had moments when something's gone wrong and we quickly need to find a solution, but that doesn't mean we always get it right! Despite our best efforts, our problem-solving skills can sometimes end up being borderline disastrous...

Which is why we've put together this hilarious selection of 27 people who tried, but miserably failed to come up with a solution to a problem.  They certainly put their creative skills to the test, but you'll have to agree that these take 'fail' to a whole new level!

1. Someone needs to learn the basics about electrical circuits

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2. When you repair a chainsaw using a saw and a bike pedal

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3. A cell phone handle...

© grungevalue/reddit  

4. When you can't find a suitable container...

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5. The day his dad made him a 'superhero' mask

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6. A banana phone...

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7. When a coach's baggage hold gives birth

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8. Driver by day, drag queen by night...

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9. When your DIY-loving partner wants to make a cake, but can't find the whisk!

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10. An alternative exhaust pipe...

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11. Interesting concept, but you'll need to act quick if you don't want them going stale...

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12. When an owner doesn't realize this he's looking at a pay-for stock image!

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13. Some people should be banned from upcycling!

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14. Slightly better than baby heads, but still...

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15. Upcycle old saws to make Christmas decorations?

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16. What do you think? Could this really help?

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17. Using a map instead of wallpaper...

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18. When you decide to use your vinyls as flooring

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19. Fire hazard alert!

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20. We hope this householder is well insured!

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21. We're going to assume they were drunk when they did this!

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22. Why a jar of Vaseline???

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23. Okay, so where's the hot water faucet? And why three?

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24. Broken mirror?  Just use your cell phone!

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25. Low cost Air Pods

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26. How to stop your hard drive from overheating

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27. Easier to find, harder to use...

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