27 coincidences caught on camera

Life certainly comes up with some incredible situations! We're having a perfectly normal day when suddenly we catch sight of something that makes our jaw drop.

Is it a coincidence, is it destiny? Whatever you think, life loves to play tricks on us… Here are 27 people who not only came across an incredible coincidence, but were also quick enough to take a snap!

1. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

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2. 5 years separate these two photos

© heathwards / reddit  

3. Combine these two heads to get a full head of hair

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4. When you look just like the kid in your bedtime story! 

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5. When the number for the ZIP code, your T-shirt, your entry number and the time are EXACTLY the same - how spooky is that?

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6. When shoes play hide 'n seek

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7. 2 years previously he downloaded a wallpaper... When hiking near Santa Cristina in Italy, he found himself in front of the same view!

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8. A gift from his wife! 

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9. So which car does she own?

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10. When shadows communicate

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11. Maybe there's a dress code?

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12. When identical cars park up at the same time...

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13. We love this Bart Simpson spaghetti packaging

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14. Check out the plates - what are the chances of this happening?

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15. This guy found the neighbor's cat in his living room

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16. An incredible reflection

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17. Try this with British coins! Her Majesty may have something to say...

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18. He caught the same fish two years in a row

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19. No, they're not twins

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20. Now we know what inspired her nail art

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21. When your blood orange matches your hair

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22. Different brands, same photo

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23. A real-life Ken 

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24. Respectful deer crossing the road right by the warning sign

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25. When you choose a top to match your Kleenex

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26. You'd be forgiven for thinking these are the same people, but snapped 10 years apart!

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27. The day she bumped into her doppelganger...

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