27 amazing photos that were taken at exactly the right moment

Split-second timing isn't easy to immortalize in a photo and being in the right place at the right time is often pure luck.  However, if your snap-happy finger presses the shutter at exactly the right moment, you could end up with an awesome shot to show off on your Instagram page!

Here are 27 amazing, split-second photos by professionals and amateurs alike that are currently taking the internet by storm!

1. When a splash of water forms an elephant's profile

© BasedOnAir / Reddit  

2. The moment you photograph your friend just as his glasses fall off

© YourMomsNext / Reddit  

3. The Grand Canyon lit up by lightning

© dareeza / Reddit  

4. When a native American Indian chief goes bowling

© BisonST / Reddit  

5. "Hi! Just wondering if you've got any fish to spare?"

6. When the midday sun makes bollards look like they're from a video game

© mike_pants / Reddit  

7. Proof that men fish do exist

© imgurnewuser1 / Imgur  

8. A crow caught stealing the sun

© infinityxero / Reddit  

9. The coolest dog on the planet

© Corpsman223 / Reddit  

10. Have you ever seen anyone walk on water?

© tammoran1 / Reddit  

11. Excellent shot showing how water transforms things

© unknown author / Imgur  

12. When a player levitates rather than jumps

© sms100 / Reddit  

13. Perfect timing without a retouch in sight

© RagsyBoy / Reddit  

14. When a soccer player shows off his latest hair style

© Samuraj13 / Reddit  

15. Just a bumble bee carrying the sun...

16. A train passing at the speed of light?

© iam4real / Reddit  

17. A beautiful shot! We love how the flower looks like a lamp!

18. A great way to start the day!

19. A disturbingly cool shot!

20. The art of camouflage taken to a whole new level

21. A giant ball lamp spotted in the middle of the desert

© Mr_Popty_Ping / Reddit  

22. Coming in for a hard landing...

© mjstoltz / Reddit  

23. When Buddha decides to stop a plane mid-flight

© unknown author / Imgur  

24. Ever tried playing soccer with a full moon instead of a ball?

© unknown author / Imgur  

25. A ladybird riding her broomstick

© beet111 / Reddit  

26. How to instantly grow a moustache

© unknown author / Imgur  

27. Kissing a fire dragon

© Fizrock / Reddit