26 unlucky people whose misfortune was caught on camera

We all have days when things go wrong and we find our patience being pushed to its limits... How often have we all wished we could just go back to bed and pretend nothing ever happened?

Here are 26 unlucky people whose misfortune was captured on camera. What about you? Do any of these situations seem uncannily familiar?  Share your stories with us below - we promise a sympathetic ear!

1. When your creamy cake topping gets stuck to the box

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2. You choose a sandwich, but it gets stuck, so you choose a drink in the hope that it'll dislodge your snack...

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3. A funeral nightmare!

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4. When you're about to eat the best ice cream ever and then this happens...

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5. The day your washing machine burst into flames

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6. One very unhappy customer...

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7. When your stacking skills result in this!

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8. Just what you need when you're running late for work

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9. Always pay attention to breaking distances!

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10. No one could see this coming!

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11. Your hair's got stuck in the cashiers till and what do your co-workers do?  Take a snap and a share it, of course!

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12. You and your team spent all night preparing this important delivery and then suddenly someone sends you this snap!

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13. Fancy an egg with your pepper?

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14. How? Why? Any ideas?

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15. The first and last time you lent your daughter your car...

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16. This is what happens when you put a bowl of ice cubes on a glass table that's been out in hot sunshine all day!

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17. When you're standing in the middle of your high school choir photo!

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18. The busy morning when you found yourself stuck behind a heavy loads vehicle that needed to do a U-turn

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19. You put down your guitar, go fetch a beer and forget that you've left your toddler wandering around the room...

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20. The day your pillow burst...

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21. When a co-worker doesn't realize your office has a glass door...

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22. Never repair your roof when you're home alone!

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23. When you manage to flood more than just your home!

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24. Imagine if you were dying to go to the toilet...

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25. A pizza delivery person who quickly stopped off to make a delivery, but forgot to shut their car window!

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26. Because holding on to your bikini is more important than your wig!

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