26 'trend-setters' who have a weird sense of fashion

The fashion world often seems to be split between genuine talents and people who are just pining for attention... That said, some of the craziest fashion ideas have turned out to be best-selling, must-haves, even if they make many of us cringe!

In honor of all those creative types who love trying to come up with a fashion fad, here's a selection of  26 'trend-setters' who may want to re-think their idea! What do you think?  Total fails or additions to your wish list?

1. Who turned out the lights?

© freshnesh97/reddit  

2. Fish tails? Devil's horns? Any idea?

© beyondbeauty_2017/instagram  

3. The latest lunchtime accessory...

© AlexSocolOFF/pikabu  

4. Because every woman harbors an inner little girl!

© peopleofwalmart.com  

5. When your barber uses a cheese grater

© TripleFUN/pikabu  

6. We thought cats were supposed to be cute...

© oko/vk  

7. A new fashion trend or just a way of keeping your hair tidy on a windy day?

© CosmicKeys/reddit  

8. Yuzuru Hanyu is a world class figure skater, who always has a water bottle that matches his outfit...

© sportymags.wordpress  

9. Maybe she's carrying fishing tackle?

© Sosochek/pikabu  

10. All we need now is for a white rabbit to run past in a hurry...

© sergeant7/pikabu  

11. Someone loves their denim...

© MaskedShaco/pikabu  

12. The evolution of the torn jeans trend... What's next? Nudity?

13. Because friends often dress like each other!

© unknown author/imgur  

14. We agree!

© Loki94/pikabu  

15. Why roll rather than fold?

© SirPekar/pikabu  

16. A cheap, recyclable, eco-friendly hat!

17. Maybe they're actually taco shells?

© Efimiy/pikabu  

18. The return of the Mad Hatter!

19. Because every dad needs neon braids...

© fashiondads/instagram  

20. For anyone who's bald, but still wants some dreads...

© Soawsm1/reddit  

21. Maybe he's got popcorn in his hood?

© ninzmrqz/reddit  

22. We hope this was because there was flooding...

© sergeant7/pikabu  

23. When you want to show of your sneakers, but it's sub-zero outdoors!

© mr0ustas/pikabu  

24. Why wear shoes when you can wear hooves?

© whyjessica / reddit  

25. How to immediately be the focus of attention! 

© BubuKisyPisy/pikabu

What about your style?  Do you follow trends or do you prefer to stand out from the crowd? Share your fashion tips and photos with us below!