26 teenagers from the 2000s who tried but failed to look cool

The early 2000s is now another era. It's only a couple of decades ago, but feels like a different world. It saw the arrival of the millennials, who have since completely changed our society. 

So what did kids get up to back then during a time when the internet began to take over, but when downloads took forever and smartphones hadn't seen the light of day? And, more to the point, what did they wear?  Here's a trip down memory lane - did you fall victim to any of these fashions?

1. When your boyfriend shows you a photo to prove how cool he was age 14

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2. At least this outfit will keep her warm

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3. A Tokio Hotel fan?

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4. "My 2002 year book photo". Yes, this hairstyle was all the craze!

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5. What was he thinking?

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6. Dreads, braids and pigtails...

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7. How hip-hop can you get?

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8. "I thought I looked so cool..."

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9. When a Goth hits the beach in 2007

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10. When it's 2000, but you're stuck in the past

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11. "I was a real gangsta back then..."

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12. This is why girls in high school only wanted to be friends...

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13. When self-tan becomes a work of art

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14. "Me, aged 20"

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15. A vintage selfie...

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16. They nicknamed him Professor Snape

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17. Heading out to a Jonas Brothers concert

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18. 7th grade teenage sweethearts

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19. 6th grade fashion...

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20. Gloomy Goth, gloomy outfit

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21. "My boyfriend when I was in 7th grade!"

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22. "For info: I never played the guitar!"

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23. "Yes, my parents let me go to school looking like this!"

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24. "I wanted to be Trinity"

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25. The height of fashion in 1999

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