26 tattoos that convey a special message

A lot of us get inked because we want to immortalize a significant moment in our lives. Our tattoos reflect our preferences, tastes, habits or even moments of happiness or extreme sadness. Maybe you're someone who decided to get a tattoo as a way to express your emotions or a moment that deeply affected your life?

We've put together a selection of 26 touching tattoos... Each one tells a story and they're a far cry from the designs that you'll see on display in your local tattoo studio!

1. “Dad passed away 3 years ago. I made a tattoo of his laugh on my arm, I have his smile and joy wherever I go now.”

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2. This guy asked his friend about the meaning of his tattoo. Imagine his surprise when his pal explained that it reads ‘I don’t know, I don’t speak Chinese.’

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3. “On her 90th birthday, grandma got her first tattoo. She chose a pink ribbon to signify her victory after a 5 year battle with cancer.”

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4. “My brother drew this snowman when he was 5. He passed away 15 years later, but a part of him will always be with me.”

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5. A tattoo designed to deliberately annoy perfectionists!

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6. “My mom used to leave me little post-it notes. When she passed away, I copied one of them and made it my first tattoo.”

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7. This girl's cat will always be with her!

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8. This person's tattoo represents all the skylines of places they've lived

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9. This guy got a tattoo in memory of his house, parents, and dog, who all died in an explosion. There’s the dog’s silhouette in a window, and his parents’ initials are on the tree, written in their handwriting.

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10. This guy got inked 3 years' ago only to find the same image on a video game he later bought!

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11. This person got a tattoo of their dog after it passed away

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12. A blood donor with a very appropriate tattoo

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13. “This is my first tattoo that represents my special bond with my brother. He passed away.”

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14. “I'm Italian and understand English. It’s common to see tattoos in English that don’t make sense. Today, I found the winner.”

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15. Oops, someone's in trouble!

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16. Three brothers and three identical tattoos

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17. We love his sense of humor

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18. A tattoo for my two friends who got killed in a car accident last year."

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19. This Californian wanted to take a bit of 'home' with them when they moved to Michigan.

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20. An awesome way to deal with a birthmark!

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21. “First tattoo at age 48, celebrating 25 years as a chemist.”

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22. “My mom and dad had cancer at the same time. I made a tattoo in their memory. It’s a note dad wrote to my mom when they were too sick to visit each other.”

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23. Turn a scar into a stunning tattoo!

24. “I celebrated my weight loss with a cute fat girl tattoo.”

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25. Fellowship of the Ring... Amazing!

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26. “I made a tattoo with my mom’s note for me and her last heartbeats.”

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