26 snaps that prove how deceptive photos can be!

Hands up anyone who doesn't post photos on their social networks! Whether we're a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or LinkedIn fan, social networks are now our online portfolios and posting the coolest shot has taken on a competitive edge. However, from Photoshopping to deceptive angles, what we post on our wall often hides a less savory image as we 'airbrush' the humdrum side of our lives into oblivion...

Here are 26 people who shamelessly shared photos that could have told a completely different story!

1. Face of an angel, but needs to ditch the onesie…

© 4chan  

2. Gorgeous flowers in a house that needs a good tidy

 3. When you want people to think you have a selfie stick...

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4. "Vamos a la playa!"

© agencedisko/twitter  

5. That's what friends are for!

6. What a stunning view!

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7. For those who can't afford a superyacht! 

© TimStark12/twitter  

8. A mouthwateringly juicy, mouse-size burger

 9. When your kitchen turns out to be a show room

© Itss_Crystalll/twitter  

10. "Meet my new girlfriend."

© sistolediastole/twitter  

11. We would never have thought of this!

© MrPassingham/twitter  

12. The art of 'putting on a happy face'!

© LadyDamfino/twitter  

13. Some people will go to any lengths to get the perfect profile picture 

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14. A thrill-seeking free climber?

© gab.clt/instagram  

15. There's nothing better than a relaxing afternoon in The Maldives

16. When you want people to admire your butt...

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17. When your dog catches you out!

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18. Timing is everything if you want a great shot!

19. It only took 50 attempts to get this shot

© juliejigsaw/twitter  

20. When your pooch wins first prize...

© Hill's Pet Nutrition?/twitter  

21. Lying back, feeling at one with nature...

© aleighmichelle/twitter  

22. Even food bloggers need to sometimes cheat!

© Bigbrowsmessyhair/twitter  

23. Sex bomb vs the realities of being a harassed mom

24. "Found myself sitting next to a gorgeous blond..."

© seamorgh21/twitter  

25. To answer the question - "No idea!"

© b0mbtweets  

26. The cheapest boob job in the history of cosmetic surgery 

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