26 reasons why choosing a roommate is a tricky business!

This article's for those of you who know what it's like to have roommates and for anyone who's decided they don't want to live alone... Whether a roommate is a friend or a stranger, experts claim that sharing a household can be good for our health, but be warned... You could find yourself in Prankster Heaven or find yourself with the Roommate from Hell!

If you're unacquainted with the joys of sharing your home, here are 26 times that a roommate has got home to a surprise, whether it's a prank, a tenant's creative DIY skills or evidence of their weird habits! But don't let these put you off - sharing with others can be fun, fulfilling, financially beneficial and, most of all, means that you won't come home to an empty nest!

1. When you go away for the weekend and your roommate redecorates your room - complete with a smiley!

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2. When you ask your roommate to change the toilet paper

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3. Hilarious comeback!

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4. When your roommate's studying anatomy and you decide to give her a helping hand

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5. If you thought the plastic cup prank was funny, then what about this?

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6. Note to self: Next time park your car in a garage before you leave for your vacation...

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7. When your cat decides to watch over your roommate

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8. A roommate with creative DIY skills!

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9. Everyone has their own way of doing things

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10. When your roommate asks you to get a key cut for their girlfriend

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11. When a roommate uses dirty cutlery to scoop out some butter

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12. For anyone who has roommates that never wash up!

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13. When your roommate is a creative genius!

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14. Bear in mind that not all roommates are natural cooks!

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15. When your roommate decides to decorate your hardware

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16. When your roommate's an artist!

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17. The first and last time they asked their roommate to cook the pasta!

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18. A jealous roommate who decided to make their own pop socket!

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19. The day you told your roommate you may be bringing a guest home that evening!

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20. Sometimes it's the little touches that make sharing so much fun!

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21. We all have our own way of opening cereal bags!

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22. You get home tired and your roommate offers to heat up the pizza.  You shower, change and head downstairs only to find your roommate's fallen asleep on the couch...

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23. Why not leave a little gift for when your roommate gets up the next morning?

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24. This guy wanted to thank his roommate, who'd helped him out during bad times.  As his roommate was starting a business, he decided to make him this amazing desk!

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25. When your roommate decides to dye their hair...

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26. When you help out a roommate who's decided it's time to start dating...

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