26 puzzling and surprising photos of things in nature

Sometimes without meaning to, we take intriguing pictures. All it takes is the right lighting or shade, or getting the right angle, to make everything appear different from what is actually there.

Here are 26 puzzling photos that will make you think twice!

1. In Sweden, it’s amazing how pure and clear the water is! 

© Suborb / reddit.com  

2. Little brontosauruses on a hotel lawn in Costa Rica

© Vetus / pikabu.ru  

3. It looks like the sun is massaging this man’s shoulders

© hmuberto / reddit.com  

4. Here’s what happens when you blink faster than the camera shutter

© bmullerone / reddit.com  

5. This isn’t the ocean... just a plastic bag!

© dbcolucci / reddit.com  

6. That’s quite a reach!!! 

© AG910 / reddit.com  

7. One head, two bodies!

© Tar4s / pikabu.ru  

8. The Space Needle in Seattle is so tall that it sometimes comes through the clouds. Don’t be fooled though – it looks just like Cloud City from Star Wars!

© MadMoosee / reddit.com  

9. Here are some snow-covered trees. The black dots are thousands of crows!

© ClimbinInYoWindow / reddit.com  

10. Don’t worry, this cat hasn’t been impaled by the chair leg, he’s just wrapped around it while taking a nap.

© HolyClaud / pikabu.ru  

11. This isn’t a glove, but a giant snail!

© mwasbabu16 / imgur.com  

12. This is a real window in Australia, not a painting!

© reddit.com  

13. The lamp’s reflection in the window looks like a UFO in the clouds

© RealisticCynic / reddit.com  

14. “I always think this building is on fire, when it’s just the sunset!”

© acmedoge / reddit.cpm  

15. Don’t freak out! Someone just spilled some juice, but now it looks like a crime scene! 

© Danielmg / reddit.com  

16. The photographer changed this couple’s reflection on the water

© SoulcrateSucka / reddit.com  

17. The rain must’ve come out of nowhere! You can see where the dog was still sleeping.

© maeking / reddit.com  

18. It looks like the workers who built this wall had a little too much to drink.

© claireicalerror / reddit.com  

19. These tire tracks look like a perfect hummingbird!

© 96speed / reddit.com  

20. This isn’t a Christmas tree, but simply a forgotten lettuce plant in the garden

© Kekay / pikabu.ru  

21. When the river gives life to strange creatures

© mnotme / reddit.com  

22. A topographic map? No, it’s just a frozen puddle!

© sleepytaquito / reddit.com  

23. What glass bottles look like after going through a forest fire

© BunyipPouch / reddit.com  

24. What kind of leaf has legs?!

© gregdbowen / reddit.com  

25. A highway that goes right into the clouds in Krasnoyarsk, Russia!

© hatorihanzzzo / pikabu.ru  

26. “My wife took a panoramic picture of the Thanksgiving Day parade, and she captured this huge 12-legged dinosaur!” 

© marketingdouche / reddit.com  

Feel free to add your own photos to this list! Post them in comments!