26 photos of unusual finds that have taken the internet by storm

Whether they're thanks to Mother Nature or a man-made creation, the following photos are mesmerizing!  We live in a weird and wonderful world, and some people have been lucky enough to snap and share the cool things they've been lucky enough to see!

Here are 26 photos that are currently taking the internet by storm... Have you ever seen something similar or do you have some shots of your own that you'd like to add to our list?

1. When snow melts, but leaves a frame around each paving stone

© calmdownlad/reddit  

2. A mutant M&Ms

© nekkidcat/reddit  

3. Something went seriously wrong with this McDonald’s logo...

© joeltb/reddit  

4. Square donuts!

© masalladelofisico/tumblr  

5. A leaf-free apple tree!

© even_onacloudy_day/reddit  

6. When lettuce looks like a pine tree

© shithawk413/reddit  

7. Those emerald eyes!

© guioteca  

8. Bird seed 'popcorn'!

© toecramp/reddit  

9. No Photoshop here... This is one creative bird!

© Roalife/pikabu  

10. We wonder if this grew in Jamaica?

© petriomelony/reddit  

11. Japanese 1 cent coins are so light that they float on water

© chriskokura/reddit  

12. A human traffic light

© Zazman00/imgur  

13. Ants drinking from a drop of water

© Circa_19Something/reddit  

14. A baby snake

© foxhound242/reddit  

15. A cross-section of a tarmac road

© pacgaming/reddit  

16. If you go to Japan, you can try some sour watermelon Fanta

© homelleon/pikabu  

17. When you find a tiny crab in your mussel

© jaredjeya/reddit  

18. A foamy whirlpool created by the river's strong current

© Radiocureee/reddit  

19. A very strange grape

© TheBoyChadwik/reddit  

20. Another stunning girl, this time with amazing violet and green eyes

© guioteca  

21. Black toilet paper

© thekahub/reddit  

22. A bridge built so that 2 streams can cross with merging into each other

© HydrogenHydroxide/imgur  

23. Freeze an egg and then peel it!

© theskinsbro/reddit  

24. When frost on a wooden deck creates a work of art

© Kvapil/reddit  

25. This person put 3 different M&M’s in a glass of water and watched this happen!

© bananaboat95/reddit  

26. A cute curly-haired cat!

© arin32/reddit