26 photos taken at just the right moment

The art of a good photographer is knowing how to take the right picture at the right time. This means clicking the button at the exact instant, and not a second before or after. It requires patience, but it also takes having a good eye more than anything else.

It's also a matter of luck, for sure. Talent can’t be improvised, however. A fraction of a second before or after, and the images below wouldn’t have been the same, and therefore, couldn’t have appeared in this listing. Enjoy!

1. When the angle and timing are so perfect…

© poplyft  

2. In just the right place

© imgur  

3. “Wait, I think I found a cavity!”

© u/moonskye / reddit  

4. A seagull surrounding the moon is epic.

© Ugin242 / pikabu  

5. This must be some sort of astronomical sign…

© Nannes42 / reddit  

6. This bird is highlighted by the setting sun.

© unknown author / imgur  

7. This almost looks like a movie poster…

© DoCerberus / pikabu  

8. When you try to take a picture of your girlfriend, but a seagull decides to take off at the same time…

© hockeyhearty / reddit  

9. Right place, right time.

© sheeprider / imgur  

10. This otter was having a blast taking his bath!

© An1onn / imgur 

11. A super long cat!

© detexis / pikabu  

12. When you’re glad you snapped this pic from a distance…

© Tucko29 / reddit  

13. One plane is headed south, while the other heads west.

© An1onn / imgur 

14. Don’t pay attention to me. I’m just sneaking by…

© basshead541 / reddit  

15. When the beer steins in Munich were more fragile…

© thgrt0 / reddit  

16. The guy on the right has his priorities in line.

© fawnshox / reddit  

17. I hope the fan was compensated.

© isabelasmith / reddit 

18. The dolphin is still the master of getting air!

© jeppe148 / reddit  

19. Are we sure that’s where we want to go?

© opprobrious77 / imgur  

20. The exact moment when the rooster stole her ice cream…

© Hexidian / reddit  

21. Have you ever seen a more graceful frog?

© dragonxp1 / reddit  

22. Reflection of an airplane surrounded by a rainbow

© djdharmanyc / reddit  

23. The fog makes it look like the ship is floating in air!

© vovanfeo / pikabu  

24. This is a little too close for comfort!

© alexxela24 / pikabu  

25. The whale breathes and makes a rainbow appear.

© atregor / pikabu  

26. Some of the birds are real and some are painted…

© Quazy / pikabu