26 photos that show how quickly time flies

Ever had the feeling that time flies by at a breakneck speed? In this busy day and age, we often forget to slow down and take in the here and now.

And then we'll suddenly look at something and realize how much it has changed; we become aware that the years have flown by without us really taking stock! Which brings us to this amazing selection of the "past meeting the present" photos.

1. From pup to pooch...

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2. Pilgrims visiting the Vatican over the years have caused this statue's foot to "lose its toes"

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3. When a chain wears away a rock face

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4. "My dad's dice."

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5. When nature invades an abandoned train in Siberia

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6. A drought in England resulted in the re-appearance of an old landscaped garden

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7. A guitar that was played for 45 years

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8. How many pianists have tapped on this peddle?

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9. A hammer that helped build 200 houses

© kuchka70 / pikabu  

10. Wear and tear at a Disney World waiting line

© ootersbutwithcats / reddit  

11. A 40 year-old pillow case vs a new one!

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12. "My grandad kept this in his pocket for 20 years, until the day he passed away."

© JacobMartin67/imgur 

13. Pac-Man CRT Screen Burn-In

© speckz/reddit  

14. Mom and son, 30 years' apart

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15. Dirt or the passage of time?

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16. 40 year-old sandbags turn into solid rock

© thegreywolf17/reddit  

17. A landscape in the Somme, scarred by events during WW2

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18. A floor that's seen a lot of customers

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19. Mother Nature

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20. Then and now

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21. Every now and then buildings need a good clean!

© emissaryofwinds/reddit  

22. When peoples' footsteps carve a path through a forest

© OmegaSavant/imgur  

23. Another floor that's seen a lot of chair action!

© RafinadSound/pikabu  

24. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in 1974 followed by 2008

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25. A tiny Great Dane years' down the line

© atskii/pikabu  

26. In love as a princess, in love as a queen!

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