26 photos that prove we live in a weird and wonderful world!

Thanks to smartphones and social networks, people are now snapping away and sharing some of the incredible sights that they come across during the course of their daily lives. From puzzling to hilarious, awesome to unnerving, you have to admit that life can sometimes get pretty crazy!

Here's a selection of 26 photos that prove we live in a weird and wonderful world!

1. Octopus meets lemon

© DJJDCO0OL / reddit  

2. This is what will happen to your skin if you soak it in a bath for too long

© neeto85 / reddit  

3. Perfect timing!

© portraits_vision / instagram  

4. An apprentice mechanic?

© CosmicKeys / reddit  

5. Pushing up the daisies...

© brave_n_bearded / instagram  

6. An awesome illuminated tunnel in Mei, Japan

© YouKn0wN0thing / reddit  

7. In the 70's, stretched glass bottles were all the rage and today some are worth a fortune!

© LifeIsInvalid / reddit  

8. In the centre of downtown Greenville

© DFHartzell / reddit  

9. No, it's not a new design - just a crossing where some light bulbs need replacing

© aps1973 / reddit  

10. Baby blackbirds waiting to be fed!

© marsmedia / reddit  

11. Flowers that look like strange creatures

© oldgood_isaac / reddit  

12. Just a tiger taking a nap

© YouKn0wN0thing / reddit  

13. A huge pineapple tree that doubles up as a carport

© hatcherdogg / reddit  

14. Off to a convention?

© PaprikaMika / reddit  

15. A stunning rainbow in Yosemite on the way to Vernal and the Nevada Falls

© CriscoCat1 / reddit  

16. What happened to the rest of his body?

© crazycalv / reddit  

17. When the shadow of a post creates a tree trunk

© jesuspunk / reddit  

18. Fernando Abellanas hid his office under a freeway overpass in Valence

© HarryWiley / reddit  

19. Forget privacy...

© stevensmithjoy / reddit  

20. A view across Chinatown

© Ccrasus / reddit  

21. Fog, sunrise and a spider's web create a work of art!

© xXJamesScarXx / reddit  

22. Patience and a love of geometry!

© AcusFocus / reddit  

23. This photo took social networks by storm!

© brave_n_bearded / instagram  

24. When steel wool looks like a faraway galaxy

© kkeerrmmiitt / reddit  

25. Meet Moe, a charming praying mantis!

© hgual22 / reddit  

26. Have you ever seen such a huge butterfly?

© u/xsited1 / reddit