26 people who always find a solution

What if you made your life easier? Less complicated? Some people don’t need to be asked twice to come up with little hacks to achieve their goals. And never mind if they don’t do it by the book.

They follow their instincts, and that makes them feel good. They find solutions to all the problems that come their way. This makes them pros at being resourceful. See for yourself!

1. When you want to take an ID photo 5 minutes before you apply for your passport…

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2. Well, this is one way to support your team after being banned from the stadium!

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3. A mathematical experiment – live!

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4. A 50s Corvette towing a helicopter. This guy has it made.

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5. “My wife asked me to keep an eye on our baby.”

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6. This way is so much easier!

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7. When you enjoy taking your daughter on a walk…

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8. Another way to get your spouse out of bed…

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9. People even got creative before Photoshop was around.

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10. A smart kid can figure out all the tricks when looking for candy.

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11. When you learn to drive before you're 10…

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12. If you don’t have a minivan...

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13. The job listing required a photo in a suit, so he copied and pasted his face on a stock photo!

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14. When your kid needs help memorizing his multiplication tables…

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15. Here's how to recycle an old piano so that the music keeps flowing.

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16. The guy next to me in traffic is going to make someone very happy.

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17. Only a motorcycle could fit there.

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18. When you decide to sneak up the wall to see your girlfriend…

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19. “Thanks to my mom, I know how to microwave two bowls at the same time!”

© DaNReDaN / Reddit  

20. “Our boss doesn’t let us touch the thermostat, so my colleague found a way around it when she was cold.”

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21. His wife doesn’t let the dog sleep with them, but he doesn’t want the dog to be alone...

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22. You can even hang a tablet on the coat rack!

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23. “I had a nose operation and I’m not allowed to wear glasses because they put too much weight on my nose...”

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24. A special needs boy hates baths, but he loves coins, so his mom made soap with coins!

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25. It's better than a hat, because it covers everything!

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26. When you have no microwave, here’s your backup plan!

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