26 inventive ways to solve some of life's daily problems

Some people are natural-born problem-solvers and never let a glitch get them down! For them, there's always a solution and, more often than not, you don't need to head to a hardware store in order to find the right materials.

That said, some people's creative genius takes things a little too far as these 26 photos prove.  Our advice?  Don't try all of these at home - unless you want to find yourself having a nasty accident!

1. When you don't have an electric carving knife, but a garage full of tools

© BendPak / Twitter  

2. A very scary floor sanding idea

© acidcow.com  

3. When you need to quickly dry your boots

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4. Safety belt repair

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5.  Would you drink coffee out of these?

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6. When your teacher can't find a ruler

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7. One for geeks!

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8. Because comfort is everything

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9. Why defrost when you can saw?

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10. When replacing the clock requires too much effort

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11. Preparing a candle-lit dinner?

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12. The reason why we should all practise yoga...

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13. Sometimes a chair works better than a table...

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14. Upcycle torn shorts...

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15. For when you forget to pack a fork with your lunch

© Unknown / Imgur  

16. When your office doesn't have AC

© MJFP13 / Reddit  

17. Repair and recycle at the same time!

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18. How to play ping-pong by yourself!

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19. Need a cheap pair of sandals?

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20. How to stop a smoke detector from going off!

© JoeySalamander / Reddit  

21. Alternative tow truck

© Arbeitsunfalle / Facebook  

22. Another use for electrical tape

© LongneckKiller / Reddit  

23. When someone wants to stick a tree back together

© richielaw / reddit  

24. No blind spots with this wing mirror!

© white_privlage / Reddit  

25. Industrial cufflinks!

© DoctorrSays / Twitter  

26.  For when your dragon's wings break

© TheQiwiMan / Reddit