26 inspiring people who totally turned their lives around

Whether it's a New Year's resolution or just that nagging feeling that something needs to change, we all have times when we need to face our demons and take some positive action.  The problem, however, can be how to sum up the motivation and to stop making excuses!

If this sounds familiar, then read on and check out what the following people did and how they managed to completely turn their lives around!  What about you?  What changes do you want to make in your life or do you know anyone who could be motivated by this inspiring selection? Share your comments with us below and feel free to tag anyone who might want to take a look!

1. 365 days later!

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2. 9 months before this 58 year-old man decided it was time to lose weight. At almost 300lbs and with type 2 diabetes, he was beginning to have heart problems, but by taking control he managed to drop to a healthier 200lbs! 

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3. This guy loved drawing and decided to take art classes.  Within 8 weeks he'd more than improved - here's his first drawing (right) next to one he did at the end of his course (left)!

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4. This man's weight problems landed him in hospital, but he found the courage and motivation to completely transform himself!

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5. More fruit and vegetables, regular work-outs and here's the result!

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6. A meth addict who got off drugs and is now a completely different person!

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7. 114lbs later! What a transformation!

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8. After seeing her wedding photos, this lady decided it was time to slim down... Here she is two years' later!

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9. This lady was released from prison after spending 7 years behind bars. Rather than living a life of crime, she got two jobs and bought herself a car.  This is one person who deserves to feel very proud!

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10. Post-birth and 10 months down the line...

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11. One year separates these photos - enough motivation to get us running to the gym!

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12. He cultivated his locks for 11 years, but then decided it was time to change his look!

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13. 240lbs vs 138lbs… ! 

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14. It may take time, but your perseverance will pay off! 

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15. 3 years after successfully battling a serious medical condition!

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16. When selfies replace cakes!

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17. In 1999 this guy was working at a gas station. By 2017 he'd become a financial director!

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18. It took this courageous lady 2 years to beat her anorexia!

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19. It took this guy a year to beat the flab and get toned up!

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20. The joy of gaining some much needed weight! 

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21. This lady wore braces for 23 years and every minute was worth it!

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22. When you kiss goodbye to anorexia

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23. Before and after jaw surgery

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24. The effect that losing 70lbs has on your face!

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25. This guy gets a bar tattooed on his arm to mark each year he's been off heroin!

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26. The photo on the left shows this lady after she'd taken an overdose. She pulled through and realized that constantly feel ill and tired due to her addiction meant she needed to take charge of her life... Here she is after 6 months of being sober (right)

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