26 inspiring and well-planned vacation photos

Today, cameras are attached to our hands at any time thanks to cell phones. Therefore, it’s easy to immortalize everything that moves, surprises, or intrigues us. Many of them bring back vacation memories or just basic photos. Yet the art of photography seems to have taken a different turn...

You too can get inspiration from these 27 photos to create a unique and original shot! 

1. A spiral is a perfect idea for a large family or an innovative company photo

2. Are you a member of a humanitarian organization or a sports team? This type of setting is pretty creative!

3. Using shadows for an amazing photo!

4. The family pyramid (try it only if you’re sure of yourself!)

5. "I'll help you take down the moon!"

6. When yoga is your family’s passion!

7. Writing the word "love" with your bodies

8. The photo that perfectly illustrates an ambience or state of mind

9. Getting some height to make an impression

10. Like a super-warrior: pushing your limits (and your enemies)

11. Taking advantage of street art to set a thrilling scene

12. Going on vacation to tourist locations, but making unique photos

13. Using your imagination for the perfect angle!

14. Take it at just the right moment!

15. Playing with perspective (again)

16. Sometimes you feel ridiculous during a pose, but the results are worth the effort!

17. When a giant falls in love with a Lilliputian 

18. Clink!

19. Nature is by far the greatest source of inspiration

20. Changing the size of plants to create a sublime moment

21. Holding the sky in your hand

22. "Tasting the rainbow”

23. Exceptional timing for a perfect photo

24. Flying away with autumn

25. Taking advantage of dead leaves to create an original photo

26. Waiting for the right moment and using animals as subjects for your photos

Are you a master at photography too? Share your unique shots with us!