26 creative thinkers who found an easy solution to a problem

Laziness can often bring out our inner creative genius... Maybe you're lazy or maybe you're being affected by someone who doesn't want to lift a finger. In either case, it can result in some inspiring ideas.

Being a human sloth requires finding solutions while making the least possible effort. Dealing with one means finding a sneaky way to get something done. Sometimes, however, we need a quick fix in order to save precious time and get on with our busy lives. Whatever your situation, if you find yourself in need of an easy, quick and effective hack, then check out the following - you may well find the answer to your problem!

1. When you run out of whipped cream!

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2. How to enjoy 6 yogurt drinks all in one go

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3. Turn a scratch into a Harry Potter scar

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4. Nice try!

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5. Fed up of vandals breaking your mail box?

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6. How to simplify a complicated remote

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7. Christmas in a hospital setting

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8. Pretending he's on the job

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9. Parcel theft avoidance!

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10. No need to buy a new screen

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11. It was all the ninja turtle's fault

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12. Are you pregnant and need a Halloween costume?

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13. "The key is in the room. Enjoy clearing up!"

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14. How to encourage your child to get a good grade!

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15. The advantage of having a shaved head

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16. Because mowing lawns is hard work and boring

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17. Always keep a hammock in your car

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18. Just sit back and relax

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19. Why wait in line when your shoes will do?

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20. We really hope she has a good sense of balance

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21. It's not the size that counts

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22. The joys of having kids

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23. It was only for a few hundred feet...

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24. Because lying on your tummy is not easy when you're pregnant

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25. Too lazy to sit up!

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26. For when your gingerbread house collapses

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