26 crazy things that you’ll probably see only once in your life

Life is full of surprises. With the behavior of some people, animals, and nature, incredible things can happen at any time. To be faced with something like this is already almost an achievement, but to be able to capture the moment forever is a much bigger one! Because you need quick reflexes to get out your camera fast, in order to share this unusual moment with the world.

Here are 26 totally crazy things you won’t see again anytime soon. Share yours with us!

1. A car parked on the 4th floor balcony! How did they manage to get it there?! 

© mango-j / imgur  

2. Have you ever seen a children's slide emptying out into the road? There, now you have!

© SakethHYD / imgur  

3. In South Korea, there’s a cruise ship on top of a mountain. Apparently, this isn’t a shock to anyone! 

© Civil Work / facebook  

4. He seems to like it there... It must be too hot outside the fridge!

© thetayy / reddit  

5. Something isn’t right here. In fact, we lied to you: you just saw a cat in a fridge for the second time!

© quandle / imgur  

6. When your passion for gaming has forced you to stop eating and turn your fridge into a storage cabinet... 

© offandthenonagain / imgur  

7. Who would ever dare to make pasta like that?! Italians would have something to say about that!

© AdongWrecker / imgur  

8. There’s a Swedish restaurant in Wisconsin where goats graze on the roof!

© blackshad-o / reddit  

9. Here’s an adult toilet for the staff at a daycare. This way, they can always keep an eye on the children!

© MadVillainousDave / imgur  

10. Probably one of the only toilets you’d never use, even if you really had to go...

© cowinspace  

11. A lion hunting an antelope in the middle of the road...

© Carolyn Dunford / imgur  

12. A dilemma for those who often doubt themselves or for anyone who’s particular about things

© 206Raylo/imgur  

13. If you know what these 3 steps are for, let us know!

© elstatic / pikabu  

14. In addition to its main purpose, this piano also serves as an aquarium!

© kollogs / reddit  

15. The biggest cheeseburger fail in the world

© Maastrix/imgur  

16. Let's just say that it must’ve been dark... Only because the road is a few feet to the right!

© vano1226 / pikabu  

17. A human-sized brain teaser?

© AJQ  

18. Sometimes the city has good workers. Other times, not so much!

© cowinspace / imgur  

19. It must not have been easy to get it in there...

© SuckieMcSuck/imgur  

20. These two guys are clearing the snow!

© kotuka / pikabu  

21. In cases like this, it's best to look without asking any questions... and leave as if you never saw anything.

© BC3472 / pikabu  

22. If your daughter is still hooked on Frozen, you know what you have to get so she won’t think about it anymore!

© Meshuggah/imgur  

23. A manhole in the middle of a hallway 

© GREATkuzya / pikabu  

24. How in the world did this cat get up to the top of the Christmas tree?

© SonOfRageAndLuv / reddit  

25. When your grandma uses your iPhone box as a butter dish…

© pikabu  

26. Stonehenge was recreated by some city workers... 

© pikabu