26 cool design ideas found in cities around the world

There are thousands of cities on our planet, some of which have the budget and foresight to constantly improve the quality of life of their residents.

They work closely with planners and designers who are experts in terms of urban design. The result? Ultra-modern cities packed with convient "inventions".

1. These restrooms "spring up" during the day and head back underground at night

© public_toilets_anonymous / Instagram   © public_toilets_anonymous / Instagram  

2. Solar-powered USB chargers

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3. Oslo Airport lets you know how long it will take to get to the departure gates

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4. These benches in Sweden have integrated tables

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5. This parking lot has red and green lights so you can easily find available spaces

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6. Enough to make you take the bus every day!

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7. A sidewalk with a bicycle and "smartphone" lane

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9. So your kids eat healthy diets!

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10. An "old school" coffee shop

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11. Trams in Seville charge at every stop!

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12. These shopping carts have a cup and smartphone holder!

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13. In Sweden you can find shopping carts with a map of the store

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14. Little alleyways in Prague, so you can quickly cross the town

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15. An idea that is becoming more common!

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16. Fresh orange juice from a vending machine in Riga, Latvia

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17. In Germany you can buy sausages from vending machines

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18. So parents can also enjoying swings!

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19. A smartphone support in a restroom in China

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20. Because dogs get thirsty too!

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21. For anyone who gets confused when ordering a coffee!

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22. Park your bike and, if needs' be, pump up its tires

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23. A very eco-friendly Polish train

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24. New York has found a way to keep its residents' "zen"

© Donttakethisthewrongway  

© Donttakethisthewrongway  

25. Fence meets bench!

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26. So you can see exactly what's inside before you buy!

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