26 amazing acts that will help save the Earth

In recent years, environmentalism has become an increasingly important concern for the citizens of this planet. In the face of global warming and the pollution (both visible and invisible) left behind by our predecessors, many people and organizations have decided to act.

For example, some are reducing their use of plastic, in stores, supermarkets, and even at airlines. All of them are implementing methods to limit unnecessary packaging and non-recyclable objects, therefore helping to save the Earth. Here are some examples of how they’re making a difference.

1. This grocery store sells fruits and vegetables in compostable netting.

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2. Hi Fly Airlines, a Portuguese company, was the first to stop using single-use plastic.

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3. All of these Christmas gifts were wrapped in the packing paper used in one box from Amazon!

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4. Place your pets’ brushed fur outside your home. Before long, birds will come and take little pieces of it to build their nests!

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5. This movie theater sells popcorn tubs that can be refilled on each visit during the year!

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6. At a package-free store in Brussels, everything is sold in bulk, like shampoo and soap...

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7. In Europe, the “Too Good To Go” app lets people pick up surplus food from restaurants and cafes for a low cost.

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8. A deflated balloon shouldn’t be thrown away... it can be reused as wrapping paper!

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9. No more individually wrapped broccoli in this supermarket!

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10. These dish towels are made of cotton and have been used for more than 8 years!

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11. This café uses low-waste pasta as coffee stirrers!

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12. This family wraps their holiday gifts each year with reusable cloth and ribbon. No more wasted paper or tape!

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13. No more stickers, but a laser that marks vegetables directly on their skin

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14. Walmart has started selling soap without any packaging.

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15. When you use last year’s Christmas cards as gift tags this year!

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16. McDonald's in Bangalore, India uses paper straws instead of plastic straws.

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17. A backpack made of recycled airbags and a seatbelt!

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18. Sulapac is an Irish company that creates biodegradable hard-shell containers, without plastic!

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19. Starbucks gives out free coffee grounds that can be used as compost.

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20. All the wrapping paper and gift bags have been carefully stored, so I can use them again next year!

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21. She uses leftover yarn to make crocheted produce bags, and 10 minutes after posting to Snapchat, she got 45 orders for them.

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22. These upcycled rugs were created from recycled jeans, leggings, and yoga pants!

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23. Old guitars make perfect shelves.

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24. “I almost threw out this packaging paper and then thought ‘Why not make it into wrapping paper?!’”

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25. Simple fleece turned into pads for skin care!

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26. Indonesia uses plastic bags made from cassava, which is 100% biodegradable and dissolves in water!

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