25 wonderfully touching photos

Social networks and cell phones mean the internet's littered with snaps, and if you add a bit of Photoshop wizardry, there's some pretty impressive stuff out there! But how many photos actually tug at your heartstrings? How many images linger in your mind? Sometimes the simplest of photos can be the most surprisingly emotional, as you'll see from this selection.

Here are 25 wonderfully touching photos that will make you laugh or cry (or both!)  Which ones are your favorites?  Share your comments with us below!

1. When a premature baby thanks his dad!

© GiorgioMD / reddit  

2. The day you met Tinkerbell!

© SimpleReminders / reddit  

3. Margaret Bekema had to quit school in order to help her parents look after her brothers and sisters.  She finally returned to her studies and at the grand old age of 97 received her high school diploma!

© Emily Rose Bennett / mlive  

4. When you see snow for the first time

© unknown author / reddit  

5. A multi-cultural 'hello'!

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6. This girl didn't expect to celebrate her 21st birthday in hospital during a break from her chemo sessions, but said she that so long as she's still around for her 22nd birthday she won't complain!

© flexilexi22x5 / reddit  

7. A 96 year-old grandma discovers FaceTime!

© clemdawg82 / imgur  

8. The joy of a newly engaged couple!

© fireball_cooper / reddit  

9. The day your dog discovered the beach!

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10. This little guy has a rare illness called hypotrichosis. This is him pulling off his best pose on leaving hospital!

© Oriental_Chainsaw / reddit  

11.  Pope Francis comforting a neurofibromatosis sufferer

© Claudio Peri  

12. This girl always spends a few minutes hugging her dog when she gets back from school

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13. When decades later you meet up with your former navy commander!

© SendMeASelfie / imgur  

14. The last photo this person took of their much-loved 12 year-old best friend

© Dvolterra / reddit  

15. This amazing man pulled, pushed, and lifted his disabled twin brother through an entire Ironman competition.

© mrbuche / imgur  

16. When your 2 1/2 month-old daughter slept for 8 1/2 hours during the night and greeted you the next morning with this yawny smile!

© xIII3IIIx / reddit  

17. This cat loves napping next to his little BFF

© Strongpillow / reddit  

18. This 7 year-old girl wanted an 'adult-sized' drink for her birthday and wasn't disappointed with the result!

© aftie / imgur  

19. This cat follows his owner everywhere... And just loves looking out of the window during a drive!

© ItBuildsCharacter / imgur  

20. When you see your little brother enjoying his first kiss

© rraaaaaawwwwwwrrrr / reddit  

21. This dog was sent back to this shelter after being adopted.  But, don't feel sad - he ended up in a happy home!

© rufiooo / imgur  

22. Despite suffering from a mental disorder, Mario worked at this zoo for 25 years. Before he was hospitalized for a brain tumor he asked to say goodbye to his favorite giraffes. Here’s one of them giving him a kiss goodbye. Snif.  

© Dutch Ambulance Wish Foundation  

23. This guy was in coma for 42 days. When he woke the first thing he asked for was some Taco Bell tacos. His friend managed to immortalize his joy!

© tchron / reddit  

24. For better or for worse... Best friends forever!

© unknown author / reddit  

25. 2 elephants from the samp troop say goodbye before being taken to separate homes… Double snif...

© Bandeep Singh / facebook