25 times someone's day has gone rapidly downhill

You wake up feeling refreshed and positive when suddenly 'Pow!' and you find yourself having the day from Hell.  It may be nothing life-threatening, it could even with hindsight make you laugh, but at that moment all you want to do is go back home, crawl under the covers and tell yourself that tomorrow's another day!

Here are 25 people who found themselves in a really tricky situation, whether it was their own fault or not! We all have our bad days - not paying attention after a bad night's sleep, being distracted for a second..., What about you? Any similar stories you'd like to share... We promise a sympathetic ear!

1. When you mistake the products in your garden shed...

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2. When you don't listen to your parents and try to pluck a feather!

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3. They've got a very long wait under a scorching sun!

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4. Oops... Eyelash curlers can do more than curl!

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5. How many times have you accidentally dropped something into a drain?

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6. When you leave your cake mix and toddler alone for a few minutes... Luckily this person got a phone call!

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7. It was a late night, but you still made it in to work... And then saw this!

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8. Someone left it on for too long!

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9. Never rely on autocorrect!

This lady ordered a cake for her daughter's 21st and asked for a 'blond' figurine... Her autocorrect changed it to 'blind'!

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10. A sign that it's time to give up junk food!

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11. One slice of pepperoni is better than none...

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12. Ahhh... this is soooo annoying!

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13. When a simple grilled cheese and bacon sandwich goes badly wrong

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14. This is what happens when you're glued to your phone as you walk down a street

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15. Hopefully they're not far from the next stop!

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16. FedEx and their 'door to door' delivery service

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17. The reason why you should never leave windows open for too long if you live in the countryside!

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18. When your leg is tastier than the snacks on offer...

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19. We hope this person's got a good insurance policy!

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20. Welcome to nausea and vertigo!

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21. When your server doesn't pay attention... Or doesn't care!

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22. How? Did they fall asleep at the wheel or is this evidence that Harry Potter exists?

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23. Always wear sunscreen and never fall asleep on the beach!

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24. A hilarious passive-aggressive comeback!

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25. When your bath bomb contains a permanent dye!

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