25 rebels who decided to do things their own way!

We're taught from a young age to obey rules and discipline is one of life's learning curves.  Even so, we all have an inner rebel and some people just love breaking the rules! Then there are times when we're just feeling too lazy to do a job well...

Some people like to step out of line as a way of increasing their self-confidence or to affirm their individuality, and, to be honest, just so long as no one gets hurt, the results can be hilarious!

So in honor of all those rebels out there, here's a hilarious selection of people who decided to do things their own way!

1. Run as fast as you can

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2. When a rebel has a great sense of humor

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3. For when you're desperate and need to get to toilet in record time

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4. Meanwhile in north London...

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5. How to stop anyone else from eating your KitKat

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6. Parking rebels!

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7. Testing their geometry skills

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8. When you can't be bothered to put on shoes

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9. If you're a perfectionist, look away now!

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10. Someone prefers their butter without bread

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11. They just had to do this, didn't they?

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12. A rebellious fig roll

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13. Eat and clean your teeth at the same time...

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14. Nailed it!

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15. Maybe the tiler doesn't like the aristocracy?

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16. Imagine if this person lent you their laptop?

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17. Next time, hire a qualified plumber!

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18. Whatever you do, do NOT follow the lines!

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19. An extremely claustrophobic elevator

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20. Spotted in Stockholm

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21. When the factory's bread slicer goes wrong

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22. Oops! Someone's going to be in trouble

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23. No excuse for not drying your hands!

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24. Because cheese and onion go really well together

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25. Irish rebel!

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