25 pictures taken at the perfect moment

A good photographer is one who’s able to capture the perfect moment – one that will make all the difference. The moment that will make us remember his picture. But your everyday, ordinary photographer, on vacation, at work, or just living life, can get lucky and take the perfect photo too!

We can see the expression of the person or animal in the photo. We can sense their feelings, emotions, fears, and joys. We can empathize with the subject – laughing or shuddering along with him.

1. There is nothing cuter than a dolphin...

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2. This Husky doesn’t know what's about to happen...

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3. When you regret your decision!

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4. She can send a plane on its way with the strength of her arms!

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5. A bald eagle lands on a fan at a Notre Dame football game.

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6. Sparkling eyes – or just a reflection of the Ferris wheel?

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7. “Oh, there you are! I was afraid I lost you!”

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8. “You got a problem, boy?”

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9. It’s just like when you grab the pole on a bus or a boat…

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10. A bee thinks this is a real flower.

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11. There are meals that laugh, and others that look gloomy…

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12. Reflections from the Christmas lights outside

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13. Do you know his girlfriend's nickname? “Propeller!”

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14. When you take a picture on your phone and receive a message at the same time…

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15. Tried to take a panoramic shot and spawned a twin!

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16. It's so hot in Australia that one woman put wet towels outside so the bees could drink!

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17. You can almost see a forest at the bottom of this test tube.

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18. When you see someone wearing the same shirt as you…

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19. An angel phenomenon in Sweden

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20. A funny animal? No, just a seagull foot on my sunroof!

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21. “You really know how to make me laugh, honey!”

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22. All she needs is the dress and she matches the picture perfectly!

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23. Quiet, this frog is resting in the sun!

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24. Photobombed by a bee!

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25. There is no better job than being a pilot in Canada!

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