25 pictures of rare things not seen every day

Do you know what the smallest pineapple in the world looks like? Or the smallest bean? Have you ever seen the underside of a frog? We’ll bet that you’ve only seen a fraction of the world's riches, surprises, and beauty.

Something beautiful is a rare find that come in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes we need to see a picture, just to believe that they exist. Below you’ll see many things that you didn’t even know existed.

1. This is a pineapple for mice, right?

© kalkrin / reddit  

2. The underside of a frog relaxing on a window

© appropriate-username / reddit  

3. We wouldn’t even touch these spices.

© unknown / reddit  

4. This glass broke just perfectly.

© BlackJackKetchum / reddit  

5. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t repeat this feat!

© MattHbrook / reddit  

6. This is called the mirror effect…

© Fgtkilla69 / reddit  

7. A perfect onion!

© RuffsVegas / reddit  

8. It sometimes snows in May in China.

© earthmoonsun / reddit  

9. Thanks to the sun, you can see the veins in this cat’s ears.

© crocheter_of_owls / reddit  

10. The suds look just like a beehive.

© unknown / reddit  

11. She slammed her fingers in a door, and her nails turned blue!

© MrsHoops / reddit  

12. The tiniest peas in the world

© LHippopotamelan / reddit  

13. How waves look underwater

© indosie / reddit  

14. Rice fields in Bali

© julieeea / reddit  

15. Is it a ship floating in the sky? No, it’s the Sutro Tower in San Francisco!

© unknown / imgur  

16. A ship that sank and got trapped under the ice

© frankreddit5 / reddit  

17. Awesome clouds!

© chakalakasp / imgur 

18. A yellow watermelon

© TheRealCourtneyW / reddit  

19. This isn’t what you want to see on your pizza!

© AfroTheSkeleton / reddit  

20. An alien ship?

© tylercow / reddit 

21. This chocolate croissant looks like a hedgehog without spines!

© OllieManPerson / reddit  

22. Drops of water arranged perfectly on a strawberry leaf

© PhilpotBlevins / reddit  

23. A piece of driftwood that looks like a bird

© whatyouwere / reddit  

24. The beer forms a perfectly straight line!

© TySaab / reddit  

25. This car is a moving garden!

© StrayanBlasian /reddit