25 photos that sum up the word 'fail'

None of us are perfect and yes, we all have our 'stupid' moments... The results may be hilarious, even if at first we have a complete meltdown!

In honor of all things dumb that we've done, here are 25 photos that perfectly sum up the word 'fail'! What about you? Any similar tales that you'd like to share?  Just leave your comments below!

1. When you take a bite only to realize it's a bar of soap!

© Dankmemer60 / reddit  

2. Never, ever put too much coconut oil in your bath if you want to get out alive!

© denshan / imgur  

3. Rain, shine or snow, always remember to shut your sunroof!

© I_am_Rude / reddit  

4. Same goes for windows!

© jackalis / reddit  

5. And best keep your jeep in the garage until summer arrives!

© unknown author / imgur  

6. Try ordering a meal from this menu!

© ThomasCZ / reddit  

7. Maybe you have to run at this 'Harry Potter-style'? 

© dylangleit / reddit  

8. Because leg room doesn't matter...

© MatteAce / reddit  

9. No tip for this server...

© RobSpurlock1 / twitter  

10. It smells delicious, it's been simmering for a while and then this happens... 

© PR3DA7oR / reddit  

11. How many of us have done this when we've not been able to find our corkscrew?

© lionzion / reddit  

12. Ouch, ouch and ouch again!

© Mucha333 / pikabu  

13. We pity the person who has to clear this up!

© ace_roth / reddit  

14. When you want to be chivalrous, but quickly regret your decision!

© Wigglebit / reddit  

15. Seagulls have no pity!

© FrenchAvocadoo / reddit  

16. When you leave a pot of paint in your car on a scorching summer's day!

© josh-mathews / reddit  

17. Revenge of the garbage men!

© savessh1 / imgur  

18. Yes, road signs exist for a reason!

© HaddonH / reddit  

19. When 'stress relief' turns into 'bathroom nightmare'

© MagicalTurtleMan / reddit  

20. The morning after the night before...

© unknown author / reddit  

21. When you suddenly wish you'd stayed in bed...

© wordsbynight / reddit  

22. Why solve a problem when you can just create another one?

© Kadnyrlyhsh / pikabu  

23. Oops, someone was half awake when they went to the gas station

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24. The reason why you should never leave your mop and bucket outside on a snowy night

© unknown author / imgur  

25. Hilarious! The trials of being a teacher...

© dustofoblivion123 / reddit