25 photos that show the reality of life as a dad

Being a dad is not always about going outside with your kids and shooting a few hoops in the back yard. Plus if you have a daughter, you may not be at ease with all her girly expectations! So, it may also represent a time when you're forced to discover your more "effeminate" side or learn how to improvise!

Parenting is about being in tune with your child so you fulfill and meet their expectations - and that can be quite a challenge. From helping them with homework to keeping them amused when they're bored, being a parent is a 24-hour job! So, in honor of all you dads out there, here's a cute selection of dads doing their stuff - even if it means kissing goodbye to their dignity once in a while!

1. This dad got inked so that he could also "wear" a hearing aid

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2. We just hope their mom has some make-up remover in the bathroom!

3. This little boy had a brain tumor removed, so his dad got a tattoo to match

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4. Such a cool way to interact!

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5. Because subway rides can be really boring!

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6. How to keep your baby calm during a photo shoot

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7. Training up his future pro-surfer

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8. When everyone needs a nap

9. When you're a dad to 5 girls!

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10. We just love his tutu!

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11. Being a good dad means never missing teatime

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12. Having a reduced mobility child doesn't mean you can't have lots of fun!

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13. When mom gets home to see this...

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14. Yes, men can multi-task too!

15. Could your dad make pancakes like these?

16. Like father, like son

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17. This guy could be a professional hairstylist!

18.  Step ladder dad!

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19. A little mermaid being escorted by her bigger mermaid

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20. Part and parcel of being a dad to a girl

21. Keeping the kids amused during a flight

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22. Superdad enjoys some contouring

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23. Check out those moves!

24. The first time he lent his daughter his car...

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25. The art of drying your child's hair without waking them up!