25 perfectly timed amateur photos

Thanks to smartphones, we can all bring out our inner photographer! Snapping and sharing has become part of our daily rituals. Even though pros have the edge, there's nothing to stop the rest of us from indulging in some creative photography as we strive for Instagram-worthy shots!

Even so, some amateurs have a natural eye that goes well beyond the quality of their cell phone's camera! And then there's the question of timing in order to capture that awesome moment. The little extras that make all the difference between a simple photo in your gallery and one that takes social networks by storm!

1. When your science teacher proves a point

© Insecuriousity / imgur  

2. Surfing the beach

© nassimzerhouni / picdeer.com  

3. A seaside angel

4. When the Leaning Tower of Pisa becomes an ice cream

5. When you're really thirsty

© unknown / tumblr  

6. Swallowing a rainbow

7. Near-perfection

8. Natural light!

9. Rowing across the sky

10. Feeling hungry?

© clementrino / imgur  

11. For a clear blue sky!

12. Pause for thought

© Ralf Stockmann / 1x.com  

13. When a giant goes for a stroll

14. Hanging on for dear life

15. A natural tutu

© Tatiana Mikhina / deviantart  

16. Could you do this?

17. Using perspective

18. A leafy umbrella

19. Fist bump!

20. Ever wondered how clouds form?

© H2JOEE / imgur  

21. Who doesn't love playing with airplanes?

22. So you can take the sun with you

23. It took years to grow...

© neselo77 / imgur  

24. Split screen

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25. We bet Messi and Ronaldo could never do this!