25 people who had a lucky escape!

We all have moments when Lady Luck saves us from potential injury or even worse and, thanks to social networks, people are happy to share their close calls with the rest of us! Add to that strokes of good luck and you'll have to agree that the following people must have thanked their lucky stars!

Here are 25 people who shared photos of their lucky moment... What about you?  Are you generally a fortunate person and what's the best piece of luck you've had?  Share your stories and comments with us below!

1. When you step on a rusty nail, but it passes between your toes!

© koshovan / pikabu  

2. This bird flew in front of the speed camera at the same time as this car approached, meaning the driver avoided a speeding fine!

© Aeogor / reddit  

3. These guys found a hidden safe with wads of cash when they renovated their new home!

© PrimalNumber / reddit   © sarmik / imgur  

4. When you buy an ice cream and find there's an extra one inside the packet!

© Maratchurakov / pikabu  

5. What are the chances of buying two bus tickets in a day and then noticing they both have the same ticket number?

© mardwean / pikabu  

6. Presumably no life was put in danger, but when this knife was thrown, it was the handle that got planted into this log!

© sweatypancakes2 / reddit  

7. This lady was bitten by a small shark - that didn't come back for second helpings!

© drhardway111 / imgur  

8. A few inches more and it would have been a completely different story

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9. An added extra!

© Vozy9371 / pikabu  

10. Thankfully they got out alive!

© Nuclearoid / pikabu  

11. Have you ever seen a 5-leaf clover?

© Vonabalab / pikabu  

12. When luck is on two car owners' side!

© warlock / pikabu  

13. This guy bought an old commode and found one of the drawers was full of surprises!

© umutalip / pikabu  

14. Twin bananas!

© Sharpie / pikabu  

15. The luckiest student in school that day!

© Dual1ity / pikabu  

16. Bingo! When you find the Statue of Liberty Cheeto in your pack!

© vasilkov07 / pikabu  

17. Another 2-in-1 ice cream surprise!

© kaban056 / pikabu  

18. When you board a long haul flight and discover you have all the leg room you need!

© whattheflapslap8 / imgur  

19. A very chunky onion ring!

© BindersOfWomen / imgur  

20. Someone has a guardian angel...

© BeszabehuHUN / imgur  

21. When a little girl hits the jackpot!…

© sweetash / imgur  

22. This pick-up skidded underneath the barrier and fortunately stopped here!

© vidnovskiy / pikabu  

23. When you look out of the plane window and see a missile being launched!

© DisregardCasty / imgur  

24. When you're voted Employee of the Month and your boss gives you a really cool gift!

© lg300r / reddit  

25. One for avocado-lovers!

© yawngmoth / imgur