25 inventions that may well become indispensable

Life seems busier than ever and every second counts... Which is why we love it when designers and inventors come up with ways to make our daily grind run more smoothly!

 Here are 25 genius inventions that we can't wait to get our hands on!

1. Cell phone mirror

© Marc Jacobs  

2. A practical and entertaining headphone case

© taringa  

3. We love this idea!

© aznatheist620/reddit.com  

4. Visitors to this shopping mall in Prague have the choice between an escalator or a slide

© Nires/reddit.com  

5. A dishwasher that projects the 'time left' on the floor

© mekc8/reddit.com  

6. A dishwasher with 'fondue' and 'raclette' settings for anyone who loves French/Swiss food!

© Marco_Crypto/reddit.com  

7. Beef jerky that comes with its own toothpick!

© melbatt5/reddit.com

8. An integrated plastic chip holder to keep your fingers clean

© bakaken/reddit.com  

9. A secure device charger that you can use while you shop

© JeevesPT/twitter.com  

10. This elevator's emergency button is at floor level in case anyone faints

© DopeyLabrador/reddit.com  

11. A bag that keeps your bagel and sauce in different compartments

© Bendzo/reddit.com  

12. Solar panels that also provide shade in this carpark

© dotEXEdotCOM/reddit.com  

13. A water fountain that caters for adults, kids and animals!

© BukkakeFan/reddit.com

14. A clever double fastener

© degamezolder/reddit.com  

15. A traditional library system applied to a kitchen!

© AccordingtoJP/reddit.com  

16. This beach has a dog park so you can change and shower knowing your pooch is safe

© tapesided/reddit.com  

17. This kids' store has doors for both adults and children

© Aerostryke/reddit.com  

18. Wooden knives and forks instead of ecologically damaging plastic ones

© well_damm/reddit.com  

19. A spoon that will never fall into your soup!

© tlitlitli/reddit.com  

20. This store avoids waste by selling over ripe bananas cheaper and packages them in bags with a banana bread recipe!

© WholesomeSwissCheese/reddit.com  

21. This restaurant in Amsterdam serves mayonnaise in tubes, so you can take it home if you don't use it all up!

© rojikku_mahotsukai/reddit.com  

22. A waffle maker with a 'bit more' button!

© Dantzzzz/reddit.com  

23. The sign on this Santorini hotel is created by a shadow!

© Nick51xx/reddit.com  

24. A bakery where the bike stand is a toast rack!

© putmelike.com  

25. In South Korea they will cover your car in protective plastic if it's parked by construction site!

© Seoulite/pikabu.ru