25 images that are nothing short of perfect

What could be more beautiful than perfection? For many people, nothing. Perfection is synonymous with a level of order and organisation that creates a peace of mind and a lot of us aim for it, even if we know it may well be out of our reach.

Some people, however, have made the grade - or at least managed to snap a photo of someone or something that did! Just check out the following selection... See any mistakes, defect or anomalies? We can't, but be warned - if you like a bit of chaos in your life, look away now!

1. Military marching perfection


2. "I shook this container of cocktail sticks and they ended up like this."

© Unknown / Imgur  

3. Too pretty to drink!

© Unknown / Reddit  

4. Guess how many hours this took to build

© i124nk8 / Reddit  

5. Perfectly aligned

© SyKoNinjaX / Reddit  

6. A rainbow of pencils...

© BIETSZCHE / tumblr  

7. Would you dip your spoon into this ice cream?

© ArizonaWatermelon / Reddit  

8. Librarians are known for their sense of organization

© ReAL_Pinda / Reddit  

9. A pill organizer with beautifully organized pills!

© PicklesTheKitten / Imgur  

10. Who said Lego couldn't be used in real construction work?

© Vidar / Street Art Utopia  

11. A circular snake!

© OMGLMAOWTF / Reddit  

12. The tidiest plumber in the world

© Carey Mahoney / Imgur  

13. When the sea decides to evenly space out its waves

© thedilawrigroup / Reddit  

14. Ever seen a car lot as eye-catching as this?

© Unknown / Imgur  

15. Turning pencil shavings into a form of art

© P1ppopotamus / Reddit  

16. An awesome contrast

© Filosoful / Reddit  

17. It would be a shame to take one...

© ThatBearKid / Reddit  

18. A grass cake?

© iamcorner / Reddit  

19. A town that looks like a star

© Palana / Reddit  

20. For anyone who loves gradual tonal changes

© drmono3000 / Reddit  

21. When the inside of a lampshade is just as pretty as the outside

© Bernaloser / Reddit  

22. Ready for a snowball fight!

© Katica123 / Reddit  

23. A mouth-watering ice cream

© Red Chels / Imgur  

24. Back to the Future?

© earthmoonsun / Reddit  

25. Perfect pink roses

© VLStetson / Reddit