25 glowing examples of street art that have livened up an urban landscape

Street art has taken urban jungles by storm... We're not talking about simple tags, but works that have propelled artists such as Banksy to celebrity status and encouraged a new generation to develop and show off their creative skills. Then there are those who may not have the necessary drawing skills, but use their clever wit to add humorous touches designed to brighten up the dullest of days!

So forget the Old Masters for a minute and check out these 25 examples of street art at its best. What do you think? Awesome art or a waste of paint?

1. When mice get ready for Christmas

© facebook  

2. Just remember that there may be consequences if you drive down this road!

© facebook  

3. When paving stones stop for a smoke

© oakoak  

4. Because even humble dandelions need a bit of tender loving care

© miguelmarquezoutside  

5. When a coat hook gets mad...

© imgur  

6. R.I.P. SpongeBob... Patrick Star's going to miss you!

© twitter/RealBrianCarr  

7. "Don't worry, honey.  It'll all work out for the best."

© imgur  

8. Great imagination!

© imgur  

9. When industry and biology work as a team

© facebook  

10. Make sure you eat your greens!

© Semi O.K  

11. An incredible use of perspective!

© facebook  

12. "So what do you think of my new color?"

© Robson Melancia  

13. An awesome optical illusion that must have taken months to do!

© tschelovek  

Author: Radoslaw Barek

14. Art amongst the glaciers

© byhula  

15. Incredible mural to cheer up a dull part of Naples

© facebook  

16. Hard to believe that this isn't a photo!

© facebook  

17. When your school decides to liven up the handball court

© alberonero  

18. Awesome pixel art-style mural

© akajimmyc  

19. Superb use of a crumbling wall

© facebook  

20. You can 'feel' the water pouring down his face

© globalstreetart  

21. Romeo in the 21st Century

© facebook  

22. "I'm watching you..."

© instagram  

23. Incredible use of detail for a realistic effect

© facebook  

24. Because all street artists start somewhere...

© pikabu  

25. Save the planet!  Even if it's only a tiny bit!

© instagram/ merinoflora   © imgur/ Yar200  

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