25 genius (or terrible!) life hacks that have been shared across the internet

If you like things to run smoothly, you may well be someone who often comes up with solutions to life's little problems... The internet is awash with tips and tricks designed to make things easier, but whether they work or not is an entirely different matter! 

Here are 25 people who've come up with or shared a life hack in their quest to make our daily lives easier.  What about you?  Do you have any genius ideas up your sleeve that you'd like to share?  Just post your comments below!

1. How to avoid burning your fingers

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2. Protect your clothes from make-up stains by putting a plastic bag over your head when you dress

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3. Change in relationship status?  Just Photoshop in your new partner!

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4. Save space and keep things within easy reach with this handy storage idea!

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5. Use a climbing carabiner to help you carry lots of shopping bags!

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6. No more soggy sandwiches for lunch! If the factory where you work has a furnace or heating appliances, use them during your break to make everyone a tasty meal.   

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7. When the IT guys are in charge of the Christmas tree!

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8. How to convince your roommates that you've done the washing up

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9. If you hate washing up, put cling film on your plate before serving up your meal!

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10. Are you broke and hungry?  Pretend to be a food critic and get free meals, excellent service and maybe also a treat!

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11. Kiss goodbye to dirty windows and surfaces - just make sure you use a new toilet brush!!!

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12. For when you can't find a whisk...

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13. Hilarious decorative touch! Disguise a hole in the wall by stuffing a toy in it!

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14. Use the building's power if you can't pay your electricity bills and get cut off!

© stephen_flynn/reddit.com  

15. Moving house?  Forget carrying heavy boxes down stairs by laying down cardboard and using it as a slide!

© unkunked/reddit.com  

16. How to never lose the remote control again!

© misteryatoms/reddit.com  

17. Why buy a new mailbox when you can use a broken microwave?

© DropkickNira/reddit.com  

18. Turn old hard drives into sturdy bench supports

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19. Planning a feast and lack the time to clean your veg?  Just use the washing machine (without soap of course!)

© trinixy.ru  

20. Preparing for an on-coming storm!

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21. How to watch TV or a movie during a boring class

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22. Heat up your donut by placing it over a hot drink

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23. For anyone who thinks cats are useless pets!

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24. And if you don't have a cat to hand, just use a few bananas!

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25. Bananas are also useful measuring tools!

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