25 of the funniest security pics you'll ever see

25 of the funniest security pics you'll ever see

Keeping things safe and secure is part and parcel of everyday life, until you come across a security system that even a kid could break or one that's totally useless and unnecessary...

Here's a selection of 25 hilarious 'security systems' and safety measures that deserve to go down in history!

1. An unbreakable anti-car theft system

© Vladimir Maximov/vk  

2. When Amazon protects a plunger

© thirstthirst/imgur  

3.  Health and safety at work taken to a whole new level!

© Gruffdog15/imgur  

4. 10 out of 10 for putting cyclists first!

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5. One can never be too careful!

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6. This one had us laughing our heads off!

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7. Why wear a protective helmet when a bucket will do?

© danteafk/reddit  

8. Seriously?  You only need to break one padlock to beat this system!

© VettigeSwa/imgur  

9. When a cop forgets his bicycle lock!

© prettyflyforaryguy/reddit  

10. Because health and safety at work means never running short of toilet paper

11. Although sometimes it can get a little out of hand!

12. A bear that either doesn't know how to read or doesn't care!

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13. Now we know why women's life expectancy is longer than men's!

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14. Yep, that'll keep them out!

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15. This sign in Stockholm, Sweden proves that cell phones can turn us into zombies

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16. They have a good point!

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17. When you've watched too many episodes of The Walking Dead and believe an invasion is imminent!

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18. And if you did steal this, how would you smuggle it out of the restroom?

© vitekr/imgur  

19. When someone uses a Polaroid camera to discourage thieves

© dnack/reddit  

20. When you don't want someone stealing your PIN code

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21. When the weather report announces an approaching hail storm

© snowcrash36/imgur  

22. How to stop sand from falling off 

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23. A DIY door handle!

© TrendMutti  

24. When someone broke your windscreen wiper, but you had a broom to hand!

© TrendMutti  

25. How to get someone to back off!

© Timewaffle  

What about you?  Have you ever seen any hilariously bad security fails or tried to DIY your own systems? Share your comments with us below!