25 facts that prove Singapore is a truly futuristic place to live

Singapore may not be the most famous of Asian cities, and yet this city-state, which is located to the south of Malaysia, is incredibly important in terms of technology and a unique lifestyle. The city is home to more than 5 million people, and their pace of life is frenzied!

What's more, its tropical climate makes it an attractive place to live. The city is real melting pot and also has its own fascinating particularities, some of which may seem weird to the rest of us! To give you an idea, here's a selection of things that prove Singapore is a true city of the future.

1. Senior citizens or mobility-reduced people can use a card at crossings which gives them all the time they need to cross the road

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2. Have you ever seen a salmon ATM?

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3. Daily newspapers have a page dedicated to Singapore's city regulations

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4. Escalator, stairs or a slide!

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5. This canal runs through a shopping mall

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6. People are really respectful when waiting for a subway train

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7. Changi Airport has robots that clean the terminals' floors

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8. Curved escalators

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9. The restrooms in Singapore's airport have wash basins for adults and kids!

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10. The latest buses have USB ports by the seat

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11. Get fit and travel for free

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12. It's becoming more common elsewhere, but Singapore's had digital price tags for a while!

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13. Enjoy some quotes while you wait for your cash!

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14. Umbrella sharing!

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15. A street crossing with lights on the ground so you don't have to look up if you're using your phone

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16. Use pedal power to charge up your phone

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17. Singapore has a Plan B if students taking exams are delayed due to service disruptions

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18. In Singapore you can order ice cream sandwiches

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19. This hotel gives patrons complimentary phones to use while they're in town

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20. These robots move around so it's easier to return your tray

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21. A bus stop with a poster on how to recognize the symptoms of a stroke

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22. Grocery shopping made really easy!

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23. This hotel lobby has lockers to charge your phone

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24. Free movies while you wait at the airport

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25. This shopping mall has play areas on each of its 4 storeys!

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