25 designs that are nothing short of genius

Every day designers invent objects that can revolutionize our daily lives. Not all are high-tech or cutting edge designs, but simply ways to make everyday living easier, for example clever storage solutions or objects that can be easily used by someone with reduced mobility.

From coffee cups that don't drip to USB ports in wall plugs, these designers deserve awards for their creative genius! So, if you love the latest designs or gadgets and want to make your life easier, then check out the following selection of awesome ideas!

1. The cover on this tub of butter is also a knife!

© ENG-zwei / reddit  

2. A clever way to let the server know if you need help

© Tuhtu / reddit  

3. So you can easily plug in two devices

© Joseph_Best_JoJo / reddit  

4. Turn on the shower and let it run without getting soaked by cold water

© IBeBobbyBoulders / reddit  

5. Waste not, want not!

© grasse / reddit  

6. A USB plug integrated into a wall plug

© Bargane / reddit  

7. No more drips or stains on your table

© aaronbowers / reddit  

8. A board game where you have to eat these water-filled balls - a great way to get people to drink more water!

© Jelly Drops / Facebook  

9. A kettle designed for people with arthritis or other illnesses that prevent us from picking things up

© _monkfish / reddit  

10. Keep your chairs dry whatever the weather

© JohnDaneOfficial / reddit  

11. Perfect for kitchen towel!

© rishortish / reddit  

12. A ball of honey - kiss goodbye to sticky spoons

© awusuwah / reddit  

13. Old books used to support stools

© hcherie92 / reddit  

14. The shinto shrine at Itsukushima appears when this bowl is filled with soup

© TCLP / reddit  

15. Random numbers so thieves can't guess your pin number from your hand movements

© celebi1023 / reddit  

16. A fridge with revolving shelves!

© seraphim2703 / reddit  

17. How to get precise doses when following a recipe

© blaizzze / reddit  

18. Integrated sun loungers!

© sedano704 / reddit  

19. Because there will always be people who like to put their feet up

© Meeshamoosha / reddit  

20. A braille USB

© azuser55 / reddit  

21. Keep kitchen surfaces clean!

© Alentheflannel / reddit  

22. Never lose the remote!

© ThePlayfulPython / reddit  

23. No more flat tires!

© 9_ar7k / reddit  

24. Perfect kitchen unit design!

© TheSmartanator / reddit  

25. For when you just want to buy one egg

© WhoppingRook09 / reddit