25 astonishing construction fails

The golden rule of any construction project is to check out potential builders before you hire them. Most construction companies are true professionals, but you'd be surprised at the number of cowboy builders out there.

They may mess up what they consider to be a minor detail, but these problems can affect our daily life. So keep an eye out for unscrupulous professionals or any DIYer that can't prove their worth! And if that's not enough to make you wary, then just check out these astonishing constrution fails...

1. Apart from the lack of privacy, it must be freezing during winter

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2. Who knows, maybe one day they'll add a balcony...

3. A not-so-subtle difference

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4. When you want some outside space

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5. Because matching fawcets aren't important

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6. Try washing your hands in this basin

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7. Hope there's an elevator

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8. A very dangerous fail!

9. Who cares about light?

10. A crossing for sporty people

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11. A tight squeeze

12. A door for people who enjoy levitation

13. This has been up for sale for 5 years... Wonder why?

14. Just so long as water flows

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15. For a stylish look...

16. When you need to climb up to your front door...

17. So you can go to the toilet on your way up to your room

18. Because windows shouldn't be opened?

19. When a constructor wants you to die...

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20. Any ideas?

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21. Wheelchair users can get down, but not up

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22. Better with or without?

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23. Public phones for giants

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24. So near and yet so far

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25. Electrical safety issues...

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