24 things people didn’t expect to see while on vacation

When we go on vacation or just travel somewhere, we rarely expect unpleasant surprises. In any case, we do everything we can to get ready for the trip in order to avoid unexpected surprises. Except sometimes there no way to plan for them...

In some cases, people have had to deal with unexpected situations that they weren’t prepared for. We have to adapt to the situation or otherwise react to it. The proof is in the photos below.

1. Either he's too tall or things there are too short!

© DefiantAttitude / Reddit  

2. “The room we stayed in had a sauna, a bomb shelter, a dungeon... and a gold mask!”

© Erratic_Professional / Reddit  

3. He had never had a boat before, so he bought one. And what happened? The waves knocked it over onshore and totally trashed it...

© mztclo / Reddit  

4. Have you ever seen a moose this big before?

© Leth0723 / Reddit  

5. Would you believe some people tried to board planes with these?

© tsa / Instagram   © tsa / Instagram  

6. When you travel thousands of miles for this view of California’s famous Pacific Coast Highway...

© Kid_Rebel1 / Reddit  

7. We can take our time by taking a little detour...

© Kmas90515 / Reddit  

8. Are they waiting for Darth?

© WhatTheEwok / Reddit  

9. Driving alongside this bus so I could get Wi-Fi in the car!

© 1iota / Reddit  

10. We’d let this cutie lean his seat back for sure!

© kuchka70 / Pikabu  

11. This guy was on vacation in Vietnam and realized that the ceilings in stores there were a little lower than he was used to!

© poord / Reddit  

12. Apparently, whale watching is exciting!

© iimpact / Reddit  

13. Don’t look away from this bike path unless you want to crash…

© RobertThorn2022 / Reddit  

14. Actually, it was a lot prettier online than it was in real life...

© artifexlife / Reddit  

15. Our first trip to Paris... and we had this spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower.

© DashFerLev / Reddit  

16. “My mom sent me this picture from her trip to London.”

© byu/pBlast / Reddit  

17. Look at all the legroom on this plane!

© Doodface / Reddit 

18. This hotel writes inspirational quotes on bananas...

© nap enthusiast / Twitter  

19. Spiderman does exist, and I've seen him!

© LoneGunman360 / Imgur 

20. So London is known for the Eiffel Tower? That’s news to me!

© ARC1981 / Reddit  

21. They met someone interesting on the plane…

© lukezra / Reddit  

22. Suddenly I’m not sure if I really want to go to Arizona...

© uspn / Reddit  

23. When 2 states look a little too much alike...

© Bathsaltzombie1169 / Reddit  

24. It's time to move the car, right?

© Gemini421 / Reddit