24 strange sights caught on camera

It may be normal for them, but for us some people do really weird things. From funny to scary, we've all come across situations that have left us scratching our heads.

These peculiarities may because we're faced with a new culture or a custom that we've never heard of, but sometimes it doesn't matter where we - human beings can be really eccentric or, dare we say it, dumb! Here are 24 of the stranger sights that have been caught on camera. 

1. Working out with your parrot

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2. One for cat-lovers

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3. Maybe she's planning to feed the other passengers?

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4. Because watermelons keep us cool on a hot day?

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5. Sad to discover his kids are up for sale

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6. This is getting interesting...

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7. A never ending receipt

© unknownyoyo / Reddit  

8. Keeping your donut safe

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9. The dangers of moving house

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10. Clinging on rather than taking a nap

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11. When someone loves animal prints

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12. Take your own chair to avoid standing

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13. Hitching a ride

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14. Make yourself at home

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15. A pyramid of construction workers

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16. Maybe it's "take your pet to work" day

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17. A mix of styles

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18. We hope someone told him he forgot his pants...

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19. Maybe she got off a really long flight and the jetlag set in

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20. A comfy ride to work

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21. It may provide shade, but would you sit here?

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22. Extreme balancing act

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23. One soon to be ex computer

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24. Keep your distance

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