24 satisfying before and after spring clean photos

Enough is enough! Your house is in a mess. Dishes are piling up in the sink, the sitting room looks a war zone and you haven't seen your bathroom floor for months! In other words, you’re living in a tip and you've decided something needs to be done.

It may a take an hour or a week, but there's nothing more satisfying than having a good tidy up and seeing your home and possessions looking like new! A real sense of achievement, just like the people below, who managed to snap and share their before and after spring cleans!

1. The big clean, 2 years after a severe depression set in

© ammesedam / Reddit  

2. The sauce drawer!

© KooPa_DAtrOOpa / Twitter  

3. This bench wasn't cleaned or re-varnished for 16 years!

© HatesNewUsernames / Reddit  

4. How to spend a Sunday afternoon

© kaze2k6 / Reddit 

5. The kids are at school, the pets in the garden - time to attack the kitchen!

© [deleted] / Reddit  

6. As good as new!

© nmbullshark / Reddit  

7. This is so satisfying!

© LizT4Y / Reddit  

8. The difference is amazing!

© captainneilmars / Reddit  

9. Sometimes it can be too daunting - but worth the effort!

© emkay95 / Reddit  

10. Property maintenance also raises house values!

© djiivu / Reddit  

11. Getting ready for life outdoors!

© YomToTheGui /Reddit  

12. When you love breathing new life into vintage cars

© Luke-Mopar / Reddit  

13. Kiss goodbye to all those germs!

© DemSmacketh / Reddit  

14. And people bathed in this?

© kelsoxo93 / Reddit 

15. If you live in a dusty climate, you'll understand!

© Quravin / Reddit  

16. Why buy a new chair when you can spruce up an old one?

© sngallerani / Reddit  

17. The joys of using pressure cleaners!

© acelite2416 / Reddit  

18. This must have taken quite a while!

© CaptainFun_ / Reddit  

19. 4 hours later and the cat has its favorite bed back!

© babystraightjacket / Imgur  

20. It's boring, but it must be done!

© herfjoter / Reddit  

21. As if by magic!

© PoonWaffle / Reddit  

22. This hard drive hadn't been touched for years

© cippaciong / Reddit  

23. Good enough to appear on the cover of a magazine!

© LUCY DANZIGER / domino.com   © FRANCESCO LAGNESE / domino.com 

24. When hoarding is a problem...

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