24 rare historical photos

Every year, important historical events take place around the world. These include royal weddings, military parades, majestic ceremonies, meetings of world leaders, and other famous events.

Each time, the press covers these events that make the headlines. Photos, often the same ones, fill the pages and we don’t get to see the other less known, but perhaps more impressive photos. They are snapshots taken at just the right moment. Here are some of them…

1. In June 1970, a guard passes out as Queen Elizabeth rides past.

© namraka  

2. Salvador Dali and his pet anteaters, in the middle of Paris in 1969

© Scientific American  

3. Princeton students after a snowball fight in 1893

© Princeton University Archives  

4. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philipp, dancing in Ottawa in 1951

© Eyevine/East News  

5. In 1947, children playing around the wreckage on Omaha Beach, Normandy

© blrghh/imgur.com  

6. A nuclear test on Enewetak Atoll in November 1952

© wikimedia.org  

7. A pet cat belonging to Russian forces in Chechnya in 1994

© Katya_qi/reddit.com  

8. In 1878, the Sphynx excavation

© jonnyBgood24/reddit.com  

9. Grindelwald, a Swiss village, photographed in 1900

© wikimedia.org  

10. During the Romanian Revolution of 1989, soldiers fighting terrorists are offered cakes

© Denoel Paris/wikipedia.org  

11. Broadway in 1949

© ghostmrchicken/reddit.com  

12. A Trans-Siberian Switch Operator in 1910

© autosear/imgur.com  

13. Che Guevara with his second wife, Aleida March, on their wedding day in Havana, 1959

© Old7777/reddit.com  

14. The 1203 Russian Restaurant in New York invites everyone to eat free borsht after Stalin's death in 1953

© Associated Press/East News  

15. Here’s Mohammed Alim Khan, the last direct descendant of Genghis Khan, 1911

© Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky/wikimedia.org  

16. Walt Disney with his cat in 1931

© NiNagore/reddit.com  

17. A French woman pouring hot tea for a British soldier in 1944

© lattesbitches/reddit.com  

18. Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla's laboratory, 1894

© wikimedia.org  

19. A group of women at George Washington University, 1924

© ghostmrchicken/reddit.com  

20. New Zealand soldier Ian Thomas smoking a pipe during the North African Campaign in 1942

© rwwhite20/reddit.com  

21. Stonehenge, 1897

© rsan_jay/reddit.com  

22. Reburial of Bosnian war victims in 2005

© Associated Press/East News  

23. A llama takes a taxi in New York, 1957

© KinnerNevada/reddit.com  

24. The first female candidates to be NASA astronauts, in 1978

© Polaris Images/East News