24 pictures that will bring back some childhood memories

The world changes and society changes with it. We change and adapt to the times as the years go by. We put things away in our cupboards, never to be taken out again (unless we’re going to sell them at a yard sale or a flea market).

But we all still keep old treasures. Things like toys and other objects that our children could never understand the significance of. And at the time, they were even revolutionary. So here are some pictures for the most nostalgic of us...

1. When kids had a computer in the past, they looked for free games.

© speckz / Reddit  

2. Back in the day, you could play with this toy! It was truly magical!

© flyfreeofyourcage / Imgur 

3. This see-through phone that we all had to have!

© TuLive / Reddit  

4. Who remembers when we used this to rewind VHS tapes?

© FinalMantasyX / Reddit  

5. And when we all thought that the year 2000 meant the end of the world…

© Bondfan007 / Imgur  

6. Back then, we didn’t use a PC to pick our movies, but we rented them in stores!

© tweissel / Imgur  

7. Pepsi Blue, the “in” drink of the 90s

© djheadshot / Imgur  

8. The iZone was one of our first experiences with taking pictures as a kid!

© reflectedsoundofundergroundspirits / Imgur  

9. The first step toward buying a real video game!

© vivianme / Imgur 

10. Who remembers Encarta? This came before Wikipedia…

© ms_brightside / Reddit  

11. Here’s a selfie made with a Gameboy!

© sublimeluvinme / Imgur  

12. Be careful – there was a limit to the number of pictures you could take!

© yepsurething / Imgur  

13. Changing classic red ketchup? It failed in the U.S.

© Unknown / Reddit 

14. And do you remember Colorforms?

© elipan / Imgur  

15. That was also when Bugs Bunny had his own store!

© defactosithlord / Reddit  

16. These shoes were popular for pretending like you were walking on the moon!

© s0kri5py / Reddit  

17. There was a time when "troll" wasn’t an insult

© meowman / Imgur  

18. When we used "WordArt" to add excitement to papers…

© nevernudezach / Imgur  

19. In the old days, real Disney fans were addicted to DVDs!

© briannathepage / Imgur  

20. What kid didn’t use glitter toothpaste?!

© 4448144484 / Reddit 

21. Everyone remembers “Fraggle Rock”

© DarthTrevor / Imgur  

22. You could fit a Polly Pocket in your pocket!

© GotCandy56 / Imgur  

23. Every kid from the 90s had a favorite Sailor Scout!

© unitedstatesofjessica / Imgur  

24. Pogs were a big hit on playgrounds!

© weirdempathy / Imgur