24 photos showing the passage of time

Time goes by crazy fast, and we never, or too rarely, take the time for a break. We don’t stop at the present moment and look back. When we had more hair, or at least hair that was a lot less white.

Go back to the past and remember the good (and some bad) memories. It offers another look, as more of a spectator than a participant. And in some cases, time has had little or no impact on our appearance. Just like these people!

1. “I found this tracksuit in a thrift store and tried to recreate a picture from my childhood.”

© tacolamp / Reddit  

2. The woman hardly changes, and the dog doesn’t either...except maybe a little less rambunctious.

© GallowBoob / Reddit  

3. When you were made for each other!

© CRYTEK_T-REX / Reddit 

4. They have been best friends for 5 years, and they never leave each other’s side.

© ereshkigial / Reddit  

5. When you’re lucky enough to reach 80 years old, and you put yourself back in your old photos…

© StamMusic / Reddit  

6. There are 15 years between the first and second picture. Notice how little change there is!

© InflatableRegret / Reddit  

7. What’s the difference? A t-shirt and more hair…

© marcus-drums / Reddit  

8. Maybe the holes in his jeans came from playing with his dog all those years?

© LindellBrown / Reddit  

9. He still sits inside his circle toy!

© kaileesee / Reddit  

10. This son took a picture in the same place as his dad...24 years later!

© Ozkar_1 / Reddit  

11. Of course, he’s had time to wear out these fake pumpkins.

© DukeOfCheddar / Reddit  

12. A few years and a few pounds later...

© cooldrummer1208 / Reddit  

13. One way to see the world... in black and white!

© arojilla / Reddit  

14. These 2 pictures were taken about 12 years apart!

© monstercello / Reddit  

15. Still wearing the same t-shirt!

© hey_suburbia 1 / Reddit  

16. After ten years, they’re still playful and well-behaved!

© tuftygirl / Reddit  

17. The same fence 14 years after it was built…

© Dellete / Pikabu  

18. The car is still the same, but the kids have grown up!

© mihael3d / Pikabu  

19. “My parents decided to recreate their honeymoon photo... 40 years later!”

© Old_but_New / Reddit  

20. The same toy... one purchased 20 years before the other!

© Nerdfacehead / Reddit  

22. The little boy will grow up one day... and be taller than his mom!

© Elena Gilfanova / Facebook  

25. The background hasn’t changed.

© Alexandra Smotrova / Facebook 

23. One’s hair grew, the other’s turned white!

© Dilya Muminova / Facebook  

24. Things aren’t quite as serious today.

© Andrey Matveev / Facebook