24 photos that ooze perfection

Not all of us are perfectionists to the point where even the slightest lack of order drives us crazy. At the same time, most of us appreciate perfection in our lives, although some people need everything in their lives to be beautifully organized to the point where it becomes obsessive.

Even the most mundane things need to be perfectly arranged, which is why we've put together this selection of photos that simply ooze perfection. Objects, food... Even if you're not a fussy person, these are still a pleasure to admire!

1. A perfect pyramid

© royroygim / instagram  

2. Did you ever think about how pretty Post-It notes can be?

3. Would you want to touch these spices in this Marrakesh market?

© unknown / reddit  

4. Bubbles that look like rows of people sitting in a theater

© AngelusArcadius / reddit  

5. Ready to throw the dice?

© unknown / imgur  

6. The perfect puzzle, plus it's edible!

© Keyan2 / reddit  

7. When a dog blends in with the surf

© unknown / reddit 

8. Almost too beautiful to eat

9. It must have taken ages to organize this cookie jar

© unknown / imgur  

10. A perfectionist plumber

© unknown / reddit  

11. They almost look like toys

© Enter_Text_Here / reddit  

12. Anyone who works in a clothes store will appreciate this

© maroonedscientist / reddit  

14. When you block off a doorway with cardboard packaging

© unknown / imgur  

14. A fresh crop

15. Imagine asking your kids to do this without eating one!

16. Organized by a book-loving perfectionist

© thechilipepper0 / reddit  

17. Even Mother Nature likes perfection

© Prost68 / imgur  

18. An hour to build it, a minute to eat it

19. Temptingly stacked

© moogieboogie82 / reddit  

20. The perfect Italian ice cream

© idoneredditalreadyy / reddit  

21. Sunny side up!

© blghns / reddit  

22. When you make a snack that matches the worktop

23. Perfect view of The London Eye

© unknown / imgur  

24. Fancy a slice of this raspberry tart?