24 photos that define the word 'coincidence'!

We've all had times when something coincidental happens, but every now and then we'll come across a situation that's so freaky it messes with our brains!  From funny to weird, coincidences can make us wonder if something more mysterious is at work...

Here are 24 photos that define the word 'coincidence' and you'll have to agree that some are borderline unbelievable!

1. Doppelgangers with an identical dress sense and a love of crosswords spotted on the London Underground 

© freshbluejuice/reddit  

2. Unintentional cosplay!

© unknown/imgur  

3. Oh the irony...

© arslansuperboy69/reddit  

4. When a dragonfly decides to land next to your dragonfly tattoo!

© Callyzone/reddit  

5. Co-ordinated outfits...

© hoosyourdaddyo/reddit  

6. Imagine if the person who took this also has curly, shoulder-length dark brown hair...

© technotoad/reddit  

7. Do not get these confused!

© InfernalTomato/reddit  

8. When Felix eats Felix...

© Bingoz/reddit  

9. Spot the difference!

© candyman_forever/reddit  

10. This young tourist went to New York for the first time only to stumble upon her doppelganger...

© salmeida/reddit  

11. Perfect camouflage

© robinlarski/imgur  

12. When heading back to his car, this guy suddenly noticed that the round bushes were perfectly aligned with his tires!

© Musickitten/reddit  

13. When Taylor Swift heads down a freeway

© shaqfan99/reddit  

14. The day Mario decided to dress up as... Mario!

© WillAWillowEverWalllow/imgur  

15. The day Vincent Van Gogh was spotted on the subway

© xacbranch/reddit  

16. When your cell phone matches a stranger's outfit

© vvjajavv/imgur  

17. We love this! One for 80's music fans!

© Petshopboys/twitter  

18. Someone took this too literally...

© Maj0rTom/reddit  

19. "Have you seen this man?"

20. Be warned, your CV will just end up in the trash can

© LindaThompson/imgur  

21. Nice legs!

22. The return of the Messiah?

© SingzJazz/reddit  

23. E = MeowC2

© unknown/imgur  

24. Be different by dressing the same

© gangbangkang/reddit