24 people who wished they could start their day again

Ever wished that you could "rewind" your day and start afresh? Lots of us come across situations on a daily basis that make us want to go back to bed... Or fast forward in the knowledge that "tomorrow is another day"!

Sound familiar? Sometimes crawling back under the covers is the only thing we want to do as our day goes from bad to worse. A bit like the people below... So next time you feel that life is against you, rest assured that you're not alone!

1. He waited 3 weeks for his parcel and then this happened

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2. There's a naked man swimming around somewhere

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3. Bye bye morning coffee

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4. Time to find a can opener

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5. It may look cool, but loses points on practicality

6. We hope these toilets have been 'emptied'

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7. RIP boat, goods and the captain's job

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8. The middle may still be edible

9. Hope they know where the stopcock is located!

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10. Someone's in real trouble

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11. Praying there's someone on the other side to let you in

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12. Toner trouble... Time to call in a pro

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13. A heartfelt apology?

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14. Cheese on the side?

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15. Would you stay on this plane?

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16. Let's hope they're all well-insured

17. Not what they were expecting

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18. Traffic jam...

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19. Maybe it's a ventilation system...

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20. A missing room

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21. Oh, the irony

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22. The perils of working outdoors

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23. Oh no!  She's going to be so annoyed when she wakes up!

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24. Happy Birth...

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