24 people who were having a great day until this happened...

You wake up, the sun is shining, you've had a good night's sleep and are ready to attack your day. Until, that is, your day decides to attack you first!

It may not be anything life-changing, but one of those annoying glitches that life tends to throw at us when we least expect it...

1. Seagulls are known for their thieving skills!

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2. Time to invest in a mini desk vacuum...

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3. Surely someone could have woken him up?

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4. "So guess we'll be staying indoors today..."

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5. Someone's going to be late for work

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6. When your car decides to go for a swim

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7. When your cereal's been left out in a hot room

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8. At least he stopped...

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9. Oops... Hope his insurance pays out

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10. When a sink hole eats a truck

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11. The day they forgot to leave a 'wet concrete' warning

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12. Know any emergency locksmiths?

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13. When a digger's too heavy

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14. "Who? Me? Never!"

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15. How long will it take to defrost?

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16. When your convertible's roof is broken, but you still have to go to work

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17. Humans are easy targets!

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18. Someone will be taking the subway home...

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19. "I'm not letting go!"

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20. When a traffic cone hitches a ride

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21. Guess what?  It still worked!

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23. When it's so hot that your car melts...

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24. Always look first!

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