24 people who snapped and shared their idea of perfection

Perfect alignment, symmetry, arranged according to color or size... We may not all be perfectionists, but most of us like a little order in our lives! As the saying goes 'a tidy house is a tidy mind' and even a minimum of decluttering or tidying up can help us to feel calmer as we go about our busy lives!

So even if you don't believe perfection exists, you'll have to admit that these photos provide a bit of much-needed Zen... The only question is would you have the patience to replicate any of these?

1. Somewhere over the rainbow

© thepenisbIue/imgur  

2. The art of parking cars

© unknown/imgur  

3. 40,000 LED lights!

© Phonedojo/imgur  

4. A perfect fit!

© GoldenGonzo/reddit  

5. When a car manufacturer also leaves a space for snacks!

© LuckyMonocle/reddit  

6. Matching wood grain

© f2015457/reddit  

7. When a window and chair create a stunning rainbow

© aaronth07/reddit  

8. Exquisite display!

© dittidot/reddit  

9. A tower of coins!

© -Genesys-/reddit  

10. When your dogs choose a matching surface

© mechjen/reddit  

11. Not even a tiny drop left!

© unknown/imgur  

12. Gradual ripening

© seerebiifan/reddit  

13. A very tight squeeze!

© Thislameusername/reddit  

14. It took them 5 years and 3 months to reach this mileage!

© crumbkittie/reddit  

15. Mind-blowing fiery clouds

© RandomCookie199/reddit  

16. Awesome engineering!

© JustAwYiss/reddit  

17. Soldering is also an art form!

© Cpt_Daddy01/imgur  

18. How satisfying is this arrangement of watermelons?

© KillerbachYT/reddit  

19. When a perfectionist organizes kids' building blocks

© flash2victory/reddit  

20. Russian nesting dolls - luggage style!

© earthmoonsun/reddit  

21. Meanwhile in India...

© milo20008/imgur  

22. Amazing salt lakes!

© Palana/reddit  

23. It would be a shame to beat these eggs!

© amoriiii/reddit  

24. Soothing cereal!

© uninugs/reddit